18th Global Conference Of Actuaries – Takeaways

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It was very refreshing and enriching to attend 18th Global Conference of Actuaries(GCA), organised by Institute of Actuaries of India(IAI). The event was Attended by Officials of Actuarial Institutes of India, UK and others along with many fellows, Associates, Students and many other Delegates. IRDA cheif and its Chief Actuary were among prime speakers. IFoA president and Director were among the very happening people I met.

IFoA officials themselves hosted very enriching students event on both the days of Conference.

Various speakers presented papers on various topics including regulatory, corporate and economical changes. Topics discussed includes Life Insurance, Pensions, General Insurance and more importantly Analytics. I saw many people pitching analytics as very important feild for Actuaries in coming days.

I have been talking about this in my past. This is the only way out to solve the issue of lack of jobs. We need to get into fields which are called “Non Traditional”. Analytics is FUTURE. No company will be able to survive the competition without it. This is right time we Actuaries make our space in the industry. We are apt people to understand this field better than anyone else. All students who are finding it difficult to get a job in ” Actuarial” should go for “Analytics” as next best option. Insurance Industry has limited space to absorb each and everyone.

In an informal conversation with IAI president Rajesh Dalmia during dinner, He told me that experience in any profile which requires “QUANT” will be considered in “3 year mandatory Work Experience” required to become fellow.

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