Our Idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects.

Mr. Ravi Vyas

S.MONK, School Of Actuaries, is an educational establishment, founded in October 2016, which works for promotion and development of Actuarial profession. S.MONK provides you with an opportunity to positively influence your future in Actuarial Profession.

We deliver training program for students aspiring to become an Actuary. Our teaching methods are remarkably different from conventional way of teaching or understanding concepts. Our delivery of lecture is fun filled which incites the logical understanding and thinking prowess of the candidate. While delivering the course we focus the most on skills development of the candidate which makes the student more employable and develops entrepreneurial qualities in them.

We believe education is incomplete if it is not coupled with practical skills training. Taking inspiration from major universities across the globe we have developed internship program (three to six months) which students pursue (optional) while preparing for actuarial exams which makes them highly competitive and develops key competence in terms of leadership qualities, art of working in a team, technical proficiency and effective communication skills.

We currently have total 8 campuses spread across Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Bengaluru. We also deliver lectures through electronic medium in more than 99 countries across globe. S.MONK is currently worlds’ largest (non-governmental) actuarial education network imparting training to more than 3000 students each year globally through various initiatives.

Our Founder

Ravi Vyas

Mr Ravi Vyas

A Teacher by choice and an Entrepreneur by nature, Mr Ravi Vyas founded S.MONK, School of Actuaries at the age of 23.

He has cleared a number of Actuarial Exams from Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) and Institute & Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), UK. He completed his graduation from Jai Hind College in Mumbai in 2014 with majors in Commerce.

His techniques of teaching complex topics in a simple way made him very popular among Actuarial Student Community. He takes a keen interest in the social development of his students. Under his guidance, students don’t just prepare for exams but understand the landscape of their career from different angles. His efforts are focused on improving student’s communication and soft skills, confidence level and overall personality leading to improved entrepreneurial skills while helping them prepare for their actuarial exams.

Meet our Team


Mr. Gajanan Kharche, Actuarial Manager at J.B.BODA

  •  Mumbai based Trainer for CS2 Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis
  • Conducts Workshop on Life Insurance and Pensions Pricing and reserving Models

Mr. Romit Abhichandani, Working at Acies Consulting

  • CS1, CS2 and CM1 Trainer in North Delhi Campus
  • CS2 Pre-Recorded Videos Faculty in charge.

Mr. Gagan Sawhney, Senior Actuarial Analyst at XL Catlin

  • CS1, CM2 and CP1 Trainer in Delhi Campus
  • Expert advisor on (university) courses available across globe related to actuarial science

Mr. Pranay Sharma, Full Time Trainer at S.MONK

  • CS1 and CM1 Trainer in Mumbai

Ms. Tamanna Goel, Full Time Trainer at S.MONK

  • Kolkata Campus In-charge
  • CS1, CM1 and CB2 Trainer in Kolkata

Ms. Shaily Jain, Analyst at Sparrow Business Solutions LLP

  • CS1, CS2, CM1 and CM2 Trainer in West and South Delhi Campus

Mr. Shubham Singh, Analyst at PwC

  • R Programming and MS Excel Course Instructor
  • CM1, CS1 and CB2 Trainer at South Delhi Campus

Ms. Riya Garg

  • West Delhi Campus In Charge

Mr. Deepak Kap

  • Mumbai and Pune Campus Manager and Actuarial Counsellor

Mr. Hitesh Vyas

  • North, West and South Delhi Campus manager and Actuarial Counselor

Mr. Abhishek Kedia, Full Time Trainer at S.MONK

  • Bengaluru Campus In-charge
  • CM1, CB1 and CS1 Trainer in Bengaluru Campus

Mr. Raunak Ghorawat, Full Time Trainer at S.MONK

  • Bengaluru Center Manager
  • CS1, CS2 and CM2 Trainer at Bengaluru campus

Ms. Rucha

  • Online Trainer for CS1, CM1 and ACET

Mr. Vinay Gupta, Market Analyst

  • CB1 Trainer at Kolkata Campus

Ms. Rasika Surve, Full Time Trainer at S.MONK

  • ACET Trainer
  • Communication Expert

Ms. Tanvee Dedhia, Full Time Trainer at S.MONK

  • CB2 Trainer in Mumbai Campus

Ms. Bhagyashree Lodha, Entrepreneur

  • ACET Trainer in Pune Campus

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