We believe education is incomplete if it is not coupled with practical skills training. Taking inspiration from major universities across the globe we have developed internship program (three to ten months) which students pursue (optional) while preparing for actuarial exams which makes them highly competitive and develops key competence in terms of leadership qualities, the art of working in a team, technical proficiency and effective communication skills.

This internship can be done by any student enroled with S.MONK. We also seek good candidates from various reputed college and universities by coordinating with their placement cells.

About Internship

The Internship you are reading about is our flagship project through which we are looking forward to penetrating research and consulting service industry and to help companies/clients make better decisions backed by scientifically and statistically build models and algorithms.

Duration of internship – 60 Days to 300 Days (To be fixed after consulting the candidate)

Stipend – Not Applicable.

Allowances – Provided as per terms and conditions discussed upon recruitment.

Location – Offices located in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore but major work will be done from home. Candidates need to visit office regularly only for necessary training and meetings.

Office Hours – Flexible.

Expected Contribution per week – 15-20 hours.

Criteria of Selection – Must be a student member of Institute of Actuaries of India and/or Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK.

Work Description 

Students during their internship period get to work on the variety of innovative projects related to Data Analytics, Predictive Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Business Valuations, Research, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Communication, Web Development, App Development, Human Resource Management etc.

All the work directly or indirectly uses data science as its important tool at work. We aim to publish research papers and help companies in innovation and decision making through our projects.

Benefits to the candidates

  1. Experience Certificate and Letter of Recommendation on completion of Internship with Satisfactory performance.
  2. Option to work with us on a commercial basis (with monetary remuneration) on selection at the end of the internship period with a minimum contribution of 90 days.
  3. Timely Training to work on various tools like Python, R, SQL, Excel, SAS, etc will be provided to assist the candidates in their day to day work.

Preferred Skills in the candidate

  • Basic Knowledge of Programming Languages (not mandatory)
  • Good Communication skills and Thinking Capabilities
  • Cleared Few Actuarial Exams
  • Ability to work independently, Follow Deadlines and Contribute to innovation through out-of-the-box thinking.

Selection Process for students who are not currently enroled with S.MONK (Only through selected college placement cells)

  • Stage 1: Aptitude Test of 1 hours 30 mins based on Mathematics, Statistics, English, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation of 60 Marks.
  • Stage 2 (For those who pass the aptitude test): Write a small article on a topic provided. This is to test the writing skills of the candidates.
  • Stage 3: Interview with our panel including our director and 2 other members to pass the spoken communication test.

Candidates enroled with S.MONK do not have to go through any kind of selection process. Every student is given an opportunity to work and learn.

Contact Details

Call/WhatsApp –Mr. Ravi Vyas +91 81699 14289

Email – director@smonk.in