Join S.MONK (Free) Assist groups for CT, CA, ST and SA Exams.

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Dear Actuary Aspirants,

Here are the (WhatsApp) Assist Group Links for April 2018 Exam.

“Assist Groups” is an initiative by S.MONK to connect students with each other for subject related discussions and doubt solving. Students are encouraged to help each other for preparation of April 2018 Exams. More than 1500 students have been benefited via these groups in the past. Good news is, we now have groups for CA, ST and SA papers as well.

Rules to be followed
– No Student will be allowed to join more than 3 groups at a time without seeking prior permission.
– Right to add or remove remains with S.MONK
– No general discussion, only related to subject
– You can add yourself only to the group for which you are writing exam in April 2018

s.MONK reserves right to post any content related to Exams, Opportunities, updates and coaching information. Your data remain secure with us. We do not share/sell or lease out your information to anyone else. Students are encouraged to report spamming, if any, in the group to our team.

By joining the group you agree to the terms stated above.

CT1 –

CT2 –

CT3 –

CT4 –

CT5 –

CT6 –

CT7 –

CT8 –

CT9 –

CA1 –

CA2 –

CA3 –

ST1 –

ST2 –

ST4 –

ST5 –

ST6 –

ST7 –

ST8 –

ST9 –

SA1 –

SA2 –

SA3 –

SA4 –

SA5 –

SA6 –

Happy Studying.