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– Question paper will have 10 Multiple Choice Question of 2 marks each. These questions are generally not straight forward but if you know the concept well then it will be easy for you. So as you read the text of course notes don’t just memorize it, understand the concept being explained.
– Further Question paper will have 2 long question of 15-20 marks each. One of them will probably on construction accounts and another might be on ratios of capital project appraisal.
– Rest will be medium size question comprising of small sums or theory questions.
– Students get ample time to complete the paper. Still it is advisable to solve full length questions first and then go for short question.
– Most important chapters – Section 1 full(Theory),chapter 9 & 10(Sums), chapter 12(Sums), Section 4 full(Theory as well as sums).
These are important but not sufficient. Since we have multiple choice question in exam, they can be from any chapter.
– Thoroughly Solve Question Bank and X series along with past exam papers (minimum past 5 years paper). Don’t just go through, sit and solve them even if you feel it is easy, or else you may go blank during exam due to lack of practice.

– Before you write your exam, make it clear in your mind that you can’t simply pass the exam by doing only book work, your concepts should be pretty clear.
– Be precise in what you write. Don’t write too long for questions that carry less marks or don’t write too less for questions that carry good marks.
– Write in legitimate hand writing.
– Please remember 1 marks = 1.8 minutes of exam time. Keep good speed. Write longer questions first as they are more scoring. Small questions might be some times tricky and may waste your time.

You may ask any specific question in comments section.

These are personal observation, there is no golden rule in Actuarial Exams. if you find it helpful, kindly share. Good luck!