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– Question paper will have 30 Multiple Choice Question of 1.5 marks each. So Multiple choice question will form 45 marks of your paper, If you get them right then you can crack the paper easily. These questions are generally not straight forward but if you know the concept well then it will be easy for you. So as you read the text of course notes don’t just memorize it, understand the concept being explained.

– While attempting MCQs just write the correct answer. Do not give reasons for your answer.

– Further Question paper will have 7-10 medium or long Practical or theory question. Do not write self made stories in theory. Your answers should be to the point. Keep it precise and factual. Draw Diagrams wherever required.

– Students get ample time to complete this paper. Still it is advisable to attempt theory and practical. questions first and then go for multiple choice question.
– All the chapter are equally important as Multiple choice question can be from any chapter and loosing marks on multiple choice questions is not affordable. First 2 sections are easy and more scoring. Last two sections are important and should be given more time as there might be tricky questions asked from these sections.

– Thoroughly Solve Question Bank and X series along with past exam papers (especially from 2009-2013). Don’t just go through, sit and write the papers and try to memorize it. Questions may be repeated sometimes.
– CT7 exam in India is comparatively easier then other CT exams.
You may ask any specific question in comments section.
These are personal observation, there is no golden rule in Actuarial Exams. if you find it helpful, kindly share. Good luck!