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In last 6 weeks, I have done 5 Delhi trips. I got a pleasure of meeting 100s of students from different cities who came to Delhi with great hopes to pursue education of their dream and joined big brands of Actuarial coaching to pursue their career. Everything about Actuarial is so fascinating in Delhi. People are promised immediate jobs, high packages, growth and what not.

Mesmerised by the talks, student joins a particular teacher in a particular institute and starts working hard. Everyone offer 2 trial classes and purposely take easy topics (like chp3 in CT6 or chp7/8 directly in CT4) first to make students feel comfortable and confident about teaching instead of what is right topic to start with and student end up taking admission. Once the fees is received, good days get over soon.

Some difficult topics gets omitted, most of the concepts are ignored and only application of formula discussed. Students don’t realise its long-term impact and accept without any hesitation in most of the cases as it makes passing exam easier. They never know this attitude will have no harm to ignorant teachers but affect himself in long run when he will sit for interviews and realise that he knows nothing about things being asked related to practical application of same formula or topic.

In last 1 week, I interviewed several candidates for helping them with internships and it was difficult for me to accept this trend among student. Some students who did self-study were just amazing. They did much better than those coached by “experts”.

Nevertheless, this happens in every coaching institute in every industry. This cannot be changed. This is as difficult as removing corruption from any system in India. As a student what you need to do is be more careful and smart and think about yourself before accepting things as they are presented. Students, out of respect, don’t question teachers and that is where the problem starts. Since teachers are now commercial, you should also behave like a well-informed client. Ask your teacher not to omit any part of the chapter even if it is not relevant in exam. Ask him to cover it at least outside class hours if other students are less interested. Don’t be ignorant yourself, you are creating holes in your knowledge which will be difficult to fill later.

After meeting students, I am so much more confident about prospect of S.MONK in Delhi. So many students were literally waiting for us to announce Delhi. If you associate with S.MONK, I can assure you of following things

  1. Proper Learning of concept. I will not hesitate to replace our teachers if I get any bad feedback from any Student.
  2. No False Dreams, keeping you in touch with reality.
  3. “Real” placement support in core companies beyond few KPOs (KPOs will never help you excel in your career beyond fat cheques).
  4. We will work on you personally to make you ready for the industry to accept you. If you lack Communication skills, if you lack writing skills, bad with some mathematical concepts etc., we will help you overcome them.

Our relationship will not be only limited to fee receipts.

My initial words might sound very negative but it is important at this point to speak up and boast about S.MONK to help the trend reverse.

It is equally difficult for us to survive commercially while trying to swim against the wave but we are committed. We are committed to our values, ethics, mission and vision. With Buddha’s face resembling our logo, we can never find peace by making false promise to anyone regarding anything.

Just to prove a point, did you ever find S.MONK student looking for a job on online portals frustrated about things he has to face? They all knew about the intensity of struggle they will have to go through before settling down and they are doing it with positivity, peace and calm and finding success before others.

Think of yourself at least NOW, participate in this revolutionary change we strive to bring in coaching industry. As our father of nation Mahatma says “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.