Last minute tips for the Actuarial Common Entrance Test

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Exactly one week for the Actuarial Entrance test!!!!

Date: 15th December 2018     Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

By now most of the Candidates appearing for the ACET must have completed their preparation.

If you are one of the smart planners and executors! Congratulations!! you are halfway there. However, if you are one on the other side of the fence and are not yet through your preparation, Worry not! Read on to increase your probability of passing at least by 10%

And Yes, you did read correctly! There is still hope! And that will prove to be your strength. So! What do we do? The syllabus isn’t completed yet! Haven’t finished solving all those workbooks!



It is time for a strategy change! You have been focused on solving as many problems from all the material that you have with you but now is the time to be strategic. Choose the quality of studying over the quantity.

This is the time to start solving as many previous years’ question papers that you can lay hands on. Solving every question from the past years’ question papers helps in two ways:

  1. You cover 90% of the syllabus.
  2. You get all the variety of problems that can be asked from the important topics such as Probability, Distributions, Integration, Differentiation, Calendars, Clocks.



Focus on minimizing the mistakes you make on the topics and concepts you are the clearest on. Eg: If you feel your

strengths out of all five subjects are Mathematics, Statistics, Logical reasoning, and some parts on Data interpretation and you do not feel so confident about Verbal ability. Focus on Perfecting the first 4 subjects at the same time practising the Verbal ability problems on the side. Minimize calculation errors and do not be overconfident about the subjects/topics you feel are easy.



If you check the past question papers, there is no practical way to predict the Synonyms and Antonyms that have been previously asked. The Dictionary is your syllabus, also the weight of marks is relatively less. So, if you still have other subjects and topics to cover, it is better if you do not waste time memorizing words. The probability that you predict even 1 of the 1-mark question correct is close to zero.


DO’s and DON’Ts One Week before the Exam!

  • DO Be positive.
  • DON’T lose Hope & Give up!
  • DO Solve as many past papers as you can.
  • DON’T try to memorize synonyms and antonyms at this 11th Hour.
  • DO Keep calm and work hard.
  • DON’T Forget to revise the concepts that you studied at the start of the course which you feel are easy. Revision is very crucial.
  • DO Focus on scoring maximum marks in Mathematics, Statistics, DI & LR
  • DON’T Skip any of the following topics:
  1. Probability (Asked Always!)
  2. Probability Distributions (Very Scoring)
  3. Correlation & Regression (Less time consuming & Scoring)
  4. Differentiation & Integration (Extensively asked)
  5. Vectors & Matrices (Extremely Scoring)
  6. Calendars (Asked often)
  7. Clocks (Less time consuming & Scoring)



  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: The aim is not to attempt all questions asked, but to score your best in the given time.
  • BE SURE: Negative marks can kill your score. Do not bluff at any cost. Attempt a question only if you are at least 80% sure that you are going to score there.
  • OPTIMIZE your time. If you feel that you are spending more than allocated time on a question, Flag it and come back to it when you have attempted all other questions.
  • FOCUS on your calculations. The multiple-choice questions are designed to confuse. Check and Double check your work. If you have marked the correct alternative. If you have correctly read the question. Check the details
  • ORGANIZE your rough sheet. Number your calculations and keep them as clean as possible. I understand its very easy to get overwhelmed during online examinations, this is the trick to save your last 15 minutes spent trying to figure out where you have calculated question 7 when checking your choices and calculations.
  • EAT 1 hour before you go in. Carry a jacket. The Air conditioning, if any can be extremely distracting.
  • RELAX: Avoid Cramming or Solving questions on the morning of your exam. Give your Formula List and Last-Minute Revision Sheets a glance and relax.

We wish you all a very All the best! Do well!

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