“S.MONK”, School of Actuaries

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Actuarial Science is a profession different from others. It requires complete dedication, determination and lot of patience to become an Actuary by clearing 15 odd exams.
This can be achieved only if one decides to quit the desires and concentrate on his Goal of attaining the fellowship with calm and belief. An aspirant meditates for a long time with complete focus on one goal . Even after becoming a fellow, the discipline which an Actuary has practised for past many years remains intact and he continues to works in similar manner for rest of his life while practising as an Actuary.
As a source of inspiration, While it comes to practising discipline or spirituality, no other knowledge holds more relevance then Buddhist knowledge of practising spirituality. Buddhist disciples are known to be most focused and dedicated personalities in the globe. They dedicate their lives, leaving everything aside, for a spiritual belief to live an ideal life which they call nirvana.
Every Aspiring Actuary should know that there is a common goal of attaining fellowship, Process of becoming an Actuary requires every aspirant to have a SPIRITUAL BELIEF in his goal with similar dedication of that of Buddhist disciples.
We as an institution dealing with Actuarial Science Profession, take great inspiration from such disciples who dedicate their life with great passion to achieve a common goal and with an aim to convey this to every aspirant, We have named our institution as
School of Actuaries
While seeking blessings of all the well-wishers, with great pride, starting the journey of spirituality in Actuarial Science