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Actuarial Career Festival as promised in the month of November is finally happening after facing a lot of trouble in the initial stage.
We have changed the plan a bit to suit the requirements at its best. Read on to know more about it.

Initiative & Ideology:

The aim of this festival will be to find very talented people in India and help companies place them. Right now companies complain a lot about the flood of resumes they receive for every vacancy and it becomes difficult to find the most suitable candidate. So here is how we are planning to go out of our way to solve this problem of companies and most suitable candidates.

How will the First Ever Actuarial career Festival Work?

Dates: This festival will be held from the 2nd-6th working day of each month.

Eligibility: The Candidates who will be eligible to participate in the career festival: Must have Completed Graduation & Must have cleared a minimum of 1 Actuarial paper.

Candidates will be visiting our offices during the given dates. There will be a dedicated person handling the whole process in each city where we have our campus

The Preparation Process:

Day 1 – Work on Personality development and the social skills of the candidates.
Day 2 – Test on current affairs.
Day 3 – Test on written and communication skills through some competition.
Day 4 – Test on programming skills.
Day 5 – Mock interviews, Resume & profile building.

Selection Process:

Each month, the top 5 Students attending the sessions will be shortlisted and we will take the responsibility of sending these profiles to the companies which are most suitable for them. There will be a dedicated page on our website which will list these candidates each month with their profiles making them more visible to employers. Companies may use this tool to hire the right candidates to work for them instead of going through a long process currently employed to hire candidates.
We will also try our best to bring companies directly to our campus whenever feasible to conduct recruitment drives.


To start with, the first festival will be held in Mumbai only between 2nd and 8th January 2019. Only S.MONK students will be allowed to participate.


There won’t be any participation fees for the first 3 months and after getting successful results, there may be some participation fees from April 2019.

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