Actuarial Up-Skill Program for Students who love to study themselves

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There are many students who prefer to move at their own speed. They work harder to get things done themselves and actually end up doing better. We always try to encourage and motivate them more. Just like all of us, such students also need a little assisstance to help them with minor queries and doubts and test them to check if they are doing it right. S.MONK is launching its 2nd Up-Skill Program to help such students. Further information below.


What is it?
A comprehensive test series to help you check your preparation, get expert feedback and doubt solving sessions online/Offline and any topic across the subject.
Who should enroll for it?
– Students appearing for IAI or IFoA Exams.
– Students who love to study themselves
– Students who enrolled for other coaching classes but are not confident about the subject yet.
Mode of Communication?
Completely through Emails for all the students except Mumbai and Pune residents. Mumbai and Pune Residents may visit our centre for tests and doubt solving session.
Course Fees?
Rs 1500 per subject (CT1-CT8 available).
Duration of the course?
We will constantly help you from date of enrollment till your Exam day.
Last date to enrol?
30th August 2017.
Contact our office on +91 9561572749 or via for more information.