S. MONK, School of Actuaries was founded on 1st October 2016. An institute that has skyrocketed its success within the span of a few years. Our success makes us the world’s largest (non-governmental) actuarial education network instructing training to more than 10,000+ students globally. A place where you don’t study to become an actuary but gain an opportunity to get placed in the best firms all over the world with our distinctive teaching courses and programs.

S. MONK has heavily invested our time, capital and effort in coming up with an online actuarial community which allows the students all over the world to connect to each other and the professionals online. Through this forum, you can come and talk to anybody and get insights on the actuarial industry worldwide alongside our blog will help you get a distinct understanding on all the actuarial information as well as blogs from experts that will guide you throughout your actuarial journey.

From national to international, our students are trained in more than 90 countries worldwide. Our motto is to establish and promote a fraternity of Actuarial Science for which we prepare students to successfully pass exams that are conducted by universities and institutes worldwide.

What makes S. MONK stand out from other institutes is that we are not confined to just teaching but we have extended our boundaries and have become a place where recruitments are conducted on our job portal. We have partnered with huge actuarial corporations worldwide that provides jobs to the students who have successfully passed all their exams. There are enormous opportunities that you will avail throughout your time at S. MONK. We did our research and understood what exactly the students wanted and that is, the skills to become an asset for any company.

Have you ever found a platform where you can come to avail jobs along with your studies? Well we are one of them and through us you will get placed in the best firms worldwide and that is a guarantee we give you.

You must wonder, what shall I do apart from studying so that the renowned firms would want to hire me? S. MONK holds that answer for you. The old-fashioned way lets you learn the subject matter theoretically, but we focus on skill development alongside. That is the practicality of the subject. This allows us to develop your key skills such as entrepreneurship values, leadership qualities, top-notch communication skills etc. Well they are already inside you; our teachers and courses will just act as a mediator to get them out of you and make you shine amongst everyone out there.

This has effectively boosted our placement rate up to 75% whereas the above-average passing rate remains more than 80%.

For the students who want to stand out and get hired in the best corporations for actuaries, we offer skill development training programs (3-6months) which lets you to learn and refine these characteristics that will allows you to foster these traits. This will make the students more appealing than any other conformist actuary graduate.

Currently, S. MONK delivers lectures through electronic medium all over the globe.