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With the rise of actuaries in Australia, the “Actuaries Institute of Australia” is set to provide top-notch education all around the country. This esteemed institute was started back in the year 1897 which means there is a massive heritage that follows this institute and makes it one of the best Actuarial Science establishments in the world.

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The education program of the Actuaries Institute Australia is made up of three major parts:
Starting from the foundational program, the Actuary Program and lastly The Fellowship Program.

Each program has its unique subject and work experience requirements and after completing them through various examinations, you become a professional actuary.

Qualification required: Bachelor’s degree of Actuarial studies or a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Actuarial Studies) at an accredited university.
Work experience required: Three years practical experience to become an Associate and attain the designation 'actuary'.
Fee per annum: Course fee costs $2,530 per annum, the full course fee can be up to $5,718