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Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is a field that teaches you to analyse the financial consequences of a risk. An Actuary is a person who has successfully jumped through all the numerical barriers and passed their exams to become a proficient in this field.

After passing the necessary exams, when you start using Mathematics, Statistics, and financial theories to understand the uncertainties in different industries such as Insurance, Finance, Pension funds, Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Government, and many more, that’s when you become a successful actuary. Actuarial Science has been in existence since 1762. It became a prescribed mathematical discipline in the late 17th Century when the demand mainly increased for long-term insurance coverage. This makes it a 258-year-old profession! Can you believe it? A career as an Actuary can be labelled as a “Business” career where the foundation is mathematics than a “Technical” Mathematical Career.

Actuarial Science

How does S.MONK adds value to your Career in Actuarial science?

We are an organisation which dedicatedly works every day to promote and encourage students to become the best at what they do. We offer distinct training programs for our students which are nothing like the predictable way of teaching. Our programs are based on practical skill training which are exploratory and arouses the thinking capacity of the candidates. We have the best quality curriculum material alongside skilled faculty which makes your experience nothing but fantastic at S. MONK.

Everyone here collectively works together to promote Actuarial Science as a career and contribute largely to the enhancement of the overall course.

Our Success Story

Being the world’s largest (non-governmental) actuarial education network. Since 2016, S.Monk has faithfully worked towards training and developing students to become professional actuaries and till now we have successfully trained approximately 10,000 students from which 75% placements were recorded. S.Monk was able to hold a success rate of almost 80% by delivering lectures in more than 90 countries worldwide through electronic medium.

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