2 Years of S.MONK, School Of Actuaries

S.MONK Tuesday Oct 16 - 2018

As we complete 2 years of existence in October 2018, we are very very excited to inaugurate our 8th Center in India on 21st October 2018!

This time it’s in the Hi-Tech Indian City Bengaluru.

With this, we now have presence across India ranging from North India - Delhi to South India - Karnataka, East India- West Bengal to West India- Maharashtra. Providing services in 5 cities via 8 physical centers is an achievement we had thought was difficult to achieve but with your love, this was not impossible.

S.MONK now a team of 30, the largest (private) actuarial education service provider in the world. We hope to do the best to your expectations and do more than just coaching.

Let me list a few things that makesS.MONK proud today

  1. We had run a very successful campaign through various career seminars where students were informed about the false misleading “1 crore” package dream they were shown by some of my colleagues in the industry. This is highly successful and these days, more or less everyone is convinced that they were dreaming to reach 1 crore by the wrong way and there are better ways to reach that figure.
  2. We have introduced 3-6 months practice orientated internship program which will help candidate apply for jobs with better equipped skills. Books just can’t do all the good to you.
  3. "SUDOKU - THE GLOBAL MATHS ASSEMBLY" was conducted last year with participation of over 300 delegates. This is India's first Actuarial and Data Science Festival. This year again this shall be in December, SUDOKU-2.
  4. First time ever, International students are taking video tuition from India. It has always been other way round. We have covered as many as 16 countries with few students in each.
  5. Achieved 100% results in multiple batches and have maintained 50-65% result among IAI students and 75-90% among IFoA students in most batches.
  6. We are working day and night to start an "Actuarial Career Festival". This will be held in one month from now.
  7. Campaign being run among students to make them aware about role of Actuaries in Non-Traditional areas. This campaign will soon be extended to increase awareness of the profession among employers. We are very keen to see Actuarial Science being applied in Non Traditional Areas.
  8. Free common study room for students at all our centers.
  9. Awareness program run in Mumbai to stop parents getting influenced by some misleading information by coaching institutes to start actuarial science right after class 10 and pass exams from IFoA as it doesn't technically have any entry barrier for Non Members exams. Influencing a 16 year old child to take up an interesting exam is easy but serious thought must be given to how it can influence the child negatively if he/she meets failure in the exams. At the age of 16, failures may be difficult to handle specially if they have been merit holder in their class 10th. We all need to stop this to prevent a child getting into depressive or aggressive state. After all, money should not be everything for educational institutes.
  10. Series of whats-app and Facebook groups powered by S.MONK have done a great job in bringing the whole student community in touch with each other. This enables to flow of information bringing lot of benefits to the students.

To Join our Training Program and Actuarial/Data-science Internship fill this form - https://goo.gl/forms/J95bzmt0RWE4fUsm2

To Join our Free Discussion Groups for students fill this form -


I hope We will be able to list many more achievements in days to come. Seeking blessing of the seniors and support of the juniors to continue contributing to the community.

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